What we do



Newport Pagnell Youth club Pre-school offers educational care for children from two and a half until they are ready for school. In order to ensure our children feel ready to learn we provide:

  • a consistent daily routine - including registration, song time, focused group activity, snack time, free play and show & tell.
  • a clear developmental strategy for each child - including key milestones in line with Ofsted standards, a personal developmental record and regular parental reviews.
  • a 'key group' structure - where children receive the individual attention they need as a member of one of our coloured key groups. Children usually stay within the same key group for their time at our pre-school allowing them to form bonds with their key worker and the other children within their group.
  • a calendar of activities, experiences and events - which have included day trips, special visitors and animals, sports days, sponsored walks, Strawberry Fayre performance and leavers graduation to name but a few!
  • healthy snacks - we reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle and we encourgage parents to send their child with a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables for their child to enjoy during our child led snack time. We offer water or milk as a drink during snack time and children have free access to water dispensers during the session. 

   Autumn walk     Mayor Strawberry fayre     Large painting     Kids in mud